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“VoIP As You Are” was a two year integrated campaign to promote Microsoft’s presence in a competitive telecommunications market. The objective was to get IT pros to keep their current hardware and move to VoIP with a software solution.

Viral Videos

Viral Videos

Yes, we set out to make a viral video—targeting IT professionals—and we succeeded. The main idea was that you could upgrade your telecommunications without ripping out your old servers and hardware. The crane video still lives on YouTube with over 5 million views.

VOIP As You Are

This $30M campaign ran globally in 12 countries and was tested to work across many languages. Elements included a microsite, a long-form video, multiple print ads, flash banners, streaming banners and pre-roll. All elements were meant to deeply engage the IT pro with optimal levels of messaging in print, online, search and unique media programs.

The Legend of Dan Wilson

The Legend of Dan Wilson

For the second year of the campaign, we made a long form 15 minute film, depicting the heroism of a fictional IT guy, Dan Wilson, who goes to extreme lengths to keep his beloved server from being ripped and replaced. We even brought Dan, his servers, and his mission to the VoiceCon conference in San Francisco. IT folks loved it. You might like it a little.

VOIP Case Study Video

VOIP Case Study Video

We put together this short case study video to help make sense of it all for our client. The bottom line? Awareness of Microsoft’s VoIP solution increased from 0% to 70% among IT pros during just the first year of the campaign.

The Legend of Dan Wilson