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Most everybody hates Fernet-Branca. It tastes like a cross between motor-oil and cough syrup. But fans of Fernet really, REALLY love it. And if you order one in San Francisco, your bartender will likely give you instant cred, as it’s known as “The Bartender’s handshake.” The work here is a celebration of the 27 herbs and spices that make Fernet difficult to forget — and impossible to ignore.

The Challenge

How do you grow market share without alienating die-hard Fernet-Branca customers. To remain authentic to core fans, we needed to avoid traditional advertising, while encouraging trial by people who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

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Branded Content

Branded Content

We created an extensive campaign of two dozen original articles that spanned genres and target audiences. Thus we remained authentic to core fans while organically attracting new customers who like to discover new tastes and experiences.

Original Videos

Original Videos

We also partnered with media like Thrillist and Daily Beast to produce original video content.

The Next Move App

The Next Move App

In conjunction with digital banners and page takeovers, viewers received multiple cross-channel brand exposures. This Urban Daddy app helps social experimenters find the exact bar experience they’re seeking.

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