TiVo Rebranding



TiVo’s brand was all over the map. Design and messaging were inconsistent. The old  logo was out of date and needed an overhaul. We gave him a facelift, and used the colorful, smiling TiVo guy as inspiration for a bright, fun and engaging campaign that grabs your attention in a crowded world of home entertainment options. 



CHALLENGE:  The biggest obstacle TiVo faced was that 90% of customers believe they already “know” TiVo. In fact, many mistakenly think they HAVE a TiVo. But TiVo is way more than a DVR, bringing together entertainment from TV and the web.


OUR SOLUTION: After 13 years of silence, it was time to let TiVo guy speak his mind. In this video, we gave voice to the TiVo “guy” for the first time.


Count on your entertainment wingman, TiVo, to save the day.


TiVo guy welcomes you to his website.



A series of animated shorts featuring TiVo guy. We created these for streaming ads and in-store demo videos.





Date Night

About Last Night

Lisa’s Gift





We launched the campaign with billboards, transit, posters and print ads.

I TIVO _______

With overwhelming consumer recognition of the TiVo logo sillouette, we extended the common phrase “I’m going to TiVo it” into new categories: music, web videos, and more.



We also put content within the TiVo sillouette.









Customer retention through emails, newsletters, and special offers. 



We updated Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with custom skins and unique content and engagements.



For the holidays, we featured TiVo guy singing holiday favorites, as only he can. 



We launched a singing TiVogram that encouraged fans to share the love, and the gift of TiVo. TiVograms were available on Facebook and on TiVo.com.    

Try out Singing TiVograms »

Here’s a montage of a few holiday classics as only TiVo could sing them. The little guy wants to share some cheer and bring “More Joy to Your World.”




In preparation for a national branding campaign in 2012, we ran a test in select markets over a two month period. The results: We improved consumer perceptions approximately 15-25% across variables such as “innovative”,  “premium” and “cool.”


More importantly, we increased interest, search and purchases over the national average. The chart below shows the residual lift two months AFTER the test ended.