Microsoft: VoIP




“VoIP As You Are” was a two year integrated campaign to promote Microsoft’s presence in a competitive telecommunications market. The objective was to get IT pros to keep their current hardware and move to VoIP with a software solution. The tagline and the orange construction tape became hallmarks of the effort.



The VoIP As You Are Campaign ran globally in 12 countries and was tested to work across many languages. Elements included a microsite, a long-form video, multiple print ads, flash banners,  streaming banners and pre-roll. All elements were meant to deeply engage the IT pro with optimal levels of messaging in print, online, search and unique media programs.



Awareness of Microsoft’s VoIP solution increased from 0% to 70% among IT pros during just the first year of the campaign.


Check out the VoIP campaign video. It’s more entertaining than you might expect. » 












It was important to shoot equipment IT pros understood. The equipment had to be relevant to VoIP technology and look like the environments in which IT pros work every day. The shoots took place in various companies’ server rooms, with orange construction tape strewn across the equipment. This resulted in a series of photos that quickly communicated the message of “don’t touch the hardware.”











To take the campaign further, the team developed “The Legend of Dan Wilson,” a short online film about an IT guy who protests an upcoming PBX server demolition. Dan chains himself to the equipment and stages a sit-in on top of the PBXs. He plans to convince all who will listen to join his cause. Watch as Dan is confronted by his I.T. co-workers, his girlfriend, and his bosses. Will Dan save his beloved “Freedom”? Will he ever learn how to play guitar?






“Initially we wondered if a 15-minute video could be interesting enough to hold an IT pro’s attention, but [they] created a piece that personified our campaign theme and told a story—giving facts while entertaining our target audience.”

Barbara Williams, Microsoft Marketing Manager







“The Legend of Dan Wilson” created a VoIP hero, who we brought to life at VoiceCon, a communications trade show in San Francisco. Dan met the visitors, passed out his propaganda, and carried forth from high above his servers at the trade show booth.


In addition to the booth, we created free standing signage, floor decals, murals, and even VoIP water bottles. Show visitors were invited via Dan’s flyers to visit the site and check out his blog about the booth and his adventures at VoiceCon.