HP: Beats Audio





Ears do so much for us, every day. They give and give, without a thought for themselves. And what do we do for them? We neglect them. We expose them to so-so music. Less-than-stellar sound. It’s time to show our ears some love. Nourish them with the HP Envy with Beats Audio. They’ll be happy again. And so will you. 



This was an integrated campaign we presented to HP to promote it’s high-end audio line of notebooks to college students. HP partnered with Innerscope and it’s artists, including Beats Audio creator, Dr. Dre, Diddy and Lady Gaga. HP claimed they wanted “edgy”, but in the end, this campaign proved too much to swallow—no pun intended.










Short, quirky web films featuring a talking ear — something entirely unexpected. He’s hungry. He’s a bit nuts. He needs music. He needs some attention. Just a minute of your time. Maybe you could sing him a song? A love song? A country and western love song? Maybe you could scratch him. He’s got this itch. He whispers and whistles and wags his tongue. He’s just found his voice, this ear, and now he’s going for it. He’s giddy. He’s got a lot to say.



Digital engagement:  This is a parody news epidemic about “Ear Shrinkage,” complete with satirical videos, websites, press releases, etc. Dr. Dre would take up the cause himself, telling us how he was moved by the crisis to create Bests Audio.



Whenever a new album comes out by an Innerscope artist, Beats users get exclusive, limited time access to those artists via live chats and an artist blog. Wanna ask Fergie what inspired her latest song? You’ve got her ear. Wanna ask Pharrell Williams where he buys his trucker caps? You’ve got his ear.




A touring music festival dedicated to Interscope artists, sponsored by HP. Lady Gaga, NERD, Eminem, MIA, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and so on. We’ll have a special promotion where we Feed The Ears of a few select fans, by upgrading them to a front row VIP section.



EarMail—Put your words in the mouth of a talking ear. Yes, a talking ear. Type a message at the bottom of the screen and send video messages in the voice of one of the Innerscope artists.