HP Back to School




I am many things when I go to college. I am excited. I am homesick. I am a little afraid. I am braver than I’ve ever been. I am buried in work one moment and totally on top of it the next. From the classroom to my dorm to friends and extracurricular activities, I’m faced with challenges every day. I can handle them all with my HP.



To build on the success of HP’s 2009 “Declare yourself” Back to School campaign, we took our illustrative style to new places. The voice of the college-bound student comes across visually in the form of ink-on-notebook paper doodles, a personal and emotional form of self-expression every student engages in. The look of the campaign is authentic, not corporate and polished. The student’s voice comes across in “I am ____.  I can ____.” headlines.








Rolling over various doodles reveals details about the HP Envy, inviting exploration.




A mostly blank page invites students to doodle their ‘ideal’ college experience and enter it in a juried contest. Winners would be posted on a landing page.




Students are invited to customize their own college experience on this rich banner. They can drag and drop doodle images onto the screen and email it to their friends, or even post their creation on a special Facebook gallery (below).



A sample of a student’s completed interactive banner illustration.



Example of interactive illustrations in an HP Facebook gallery.




Can you imagine a billboard, a giant pen and a student on a ladder writing various headlines, with augmented reality icons to invite participation? Our client couldn’t either.



Custom campaign font HP and students could download.



Best Buy retail POP signage.